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Balinesse Escargot and French Escargot

Translated from Menu Bekicot Saingan Escargot by Anton Muhajir

Not only French can make luxurious food from escargot. Escargot d’France, French dish with escargot as basic ingredients now become unique menu in many star hotel in Bali. Now…a small restaurant or “warung” will become one of star hotel follower and will be one of most searching warung by backpackers and French tourist.

Pan Putu’s warung located at Jl. Ahmad yani, Denpasar, we can order one set menu made from this tasty escargot. Ten pieces of satay, 1 bowl of curry, steam escargot cover with banana leaf, rice and multiple choice of Balinese sambal. All made from escargot, of course not the sambal.

Well….if see the price on the menu list, one portion about IDR 10.000 it’s quite cheap. And not impossible French tourist will come as soon as know this place. Balinese spices give different taste to this escargot dish from Bali.

Sate Kakul Pan Putu
Jl Ahmad Yani No 187 Denpasar
Telp 0361-7934248

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