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Bebek Bengil Restaurant in Ubud

Bebek Bengil (Dirty duck) is a restaurant in Ubud, very well-known for its crispy fried duck served with Indonesian vegetables and delicate sambal . Tasty and mouth-watering! This actually came from a secret family recipe, but they eventually shared it… the mystery behind the crispiness is that the ducks are marinated for 36 long hours in Indonesian herbs and spices. After that, they are steamed and deep-fried to get the crispy touch, then voila! The famous Bebek Bengil crispy duck is born…

If you are not a great fan of ducks, you can also try the chicken version which is the Bebek Bengil fried chicken served with yellow rice. Other dishes include stuffed chicken with shiitake, sprouts, and spinach, barbeque pork ribs, and bebek betutu (smoked duck stuffed with Balinese spices wrapped in banana leaf). Do note that for the bebek betutu , you have to order a day in advance!

Sitting lesehan (raised floor seating) in one of the gazebos, surrounded by rice fields and a marvelous garden, will indeed elevate your appetite. If you want to go for the modern experience with music, bar and lounge, head down instead to the one at Jl. Monkey Forest , Ubud.

Still wondering about the name, right? Dirty Duck?? Well, the owner said it was named after their first guests, which was a flock of ducks from the surrounding rice fields that flew into the restaurant and made a real mess with their muddy footprints. Very fascinating! The ‘ducks’, after 13 years of establishment in Bali, opened its franchise in Hong Kong in 2003. So the dirty ducks do go international as well… *

Jl Hanoman Padangtegal E of Central Ubud
0361 975489

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